Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a community wide effort to incorporate available government, private and civic resources and to coordinate their application to mitigating against, preparing for, responding to and recovering from significant emergencies and disasters that can impact our county wide community.

Emergencies and disasters impact local citizens and community systems first and the most effective response is primarily performed by local emergency services and support organizations. Truly neighbors helping neighbors in time of need.

The Wayne County Emergency Management Agency is the unit of county government established under state law and county ordinance responsible for coordinating the efforts of these services and organizations through comprehensive "all hazard" planning, effective training and realist exercises.

Supporting Partners

Our supporting partners provide the hard work of making our Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan effective. When emergencies or disasters occur, they are the ones "out there" treating the injured, keeping law and order, putting out the fires, containing the spilled chemical, getting the electric power restored, operating the shelters for displaced persons, opening up the roads, clearing away the debris and a host of other things that must be done. We are proud of our fire fighters, law enforcement officers, EMS providers, hospital staff, local utility services, local businesses, churches, school districts, colleges, and civic and community organizations that take their emergency management responsibilities seriously and serve our community so well.


Matthew Cain, Director
Jon Duke, Deputy Director
Tammy Spears, Administrative Assistant


Our Emergency Management Partners

These organizations participate directly in the Wayne County Emergency Management Program by providing their expertise in managing specific aspects of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan:

Wayne County Commissioners Wayne County Emergency Management Agency Advisory Council
Wayne County Local Emergency Planning Committee Wayne County Sheriff's Department
Richmond Police Department Cambridge City Police Department
Centerville Police Department Dublin Town Marshal
Fountain City Police Department Greens Fork Town Marshal
Hagerstown Police Department Milton Town Marshal
Richmond Department of Public Works & Engineering Wayne County Engineer
Indiana F.S.S.A. Division of Family and Children - Wayne County Office Salvation Army
Richmond Fire Department Abington Fire Department
Boston Fire Department Cambridge City Fire Department
Centerville Fire/Rescue Dublin Fire Department
Economy Fire Department Fountain City Fire Department
Greens Fork Fire Department Hagerstown Fire Department
Milton Fire Department Webster Fire Department
Williamsburg Fire Department Wayne County Auditor
Wayne County Assessor Wayne County Health Department
Culberson Ambulance Service Red Line EMS
Reid Hospital & Health Care Services Wayne County Extension Office
Wayne County Emergency Communications Department Wayne County Highway Department
Wayne County R.A.C.E.S.